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Liz SpencerLiz SpencerLiz Spencer talks about why her mother is a great choice to represent the people of Kanawha County and how she promotes jobs, healthcare and family values.
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 Sharon Spencer speaks her mind:

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Sharon with her granddaughters Carey and Madison


Sharon Spencer vows to return to her seat in the West Virginia House of Delegates and to work her hardest for the betterment of the district and state.  

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A Message from Sharon:

Hello, and welcome to my website.  It is an honor to live and work here in Kanawha County, WV.  My whole life, I’ve worked hard to make state government both efficient as well as responsive to the needs of our citizens. Today, I am tired of the House and Senate playing games with our money.  I want Democrats to remember what they stand for: to work for the common man, the hard working man, and to give them decent wages for a decent day’s work. I grew up here and I love Kanawha County and West Virginia. 

It is my belief that we need to support, promote and attract locally owned businesses.  Far too often, our small local businesses are starved and forced out by large outside corporations and a lack of support from our government.  Our state needs to nurture and protect local businesses to enable them to thrive, grow and, in turn, offer local jobs. 

My husband went to Dupont. I live in Belle and care for my aging mother-in-law.  My son lives above her with his wife and child.  It is time to go back at keeping seniors in their homes, caring for those who cared for us all those many years. Our current government needs to stop playing games with our future.  We need jobs to pay fair taxes to move our state ahead and bring our children home.  For so many years we have been promised a bright future and yet we still wait.  How long until these promises are kept?  

Sharon with granddaughter Aubrey

As the former Chairperson of the Pensions and Retirement Committee, I’m proud to say that our committee completed work on the Merger Bill of TERS and TDC, saving the State $22 million. I am proud to have sponsored the EMS Retirement Bill and the Deputy Sheriffs Plan B, both of which were passed. I was also appointed to the Select Committee on Senior Issues.  It was a large task, we accomplished a great deal, but there is still work to do.  And, as the only Kanawha County member on Recruitment and Retention of Volunteer Firefighters, I was determined to find solutions for keeping our citizens safe and keeping the cost of insurance down.


Home care of the elderly has been enhanced since last session and we will continue to put our dollars to assisting our seniors.  We must stimulate our economy, create not just jobs, but jobs with benefits and health insurance.  Minimum wage jobs are no longer satisfactory and training from our colleges and universities must make our state more attractive to out-of-state businesses.  We must market our people as well as our resources.  After all, our most valuable resource in West Virginia is its people.

As a member of the Legislative Intern Committee, I treated the Regular Session interns like my own children.  I told the interns to call me anytime, day or night about any problems.  I would keep my cell phone on my pillow and they were told to call me anytime they needed help.  I also thought it appropriate that all delegates in the House be afforded training to prevent sexual harassment.  I give my number, (304) 552-8353,  to them as I also have given it to my constituents to be accessible at any time.

This website will serve as the online home to keep constituents informed. Please take a moment to learn about issues that are important to me, my background, and view updates from the legislature. I would enjoy hearing from you and reading any feedback you may have, so feel free to contact me using my contact page. Thank you for stopping by!”

 – Sharon Spencer

Sharon Spencer:
At a Glance

Sharon at workThe state of the economy is a real issue.  So many have lost their jobs, are afraid of losing their homes and worry about if their retirement will be there when it the time comes.  Sharon has fought big government pay raises when so many State workers make under $15,000 a year and have a family to support.  Part of the solution is West Virginia becoming energy independent.  We must have clean technology that is cost efficient and Sharon is committed to making it happen.  West Virginia has an opportunity to take the lead with alternative fuels.  We must not be forced to choose between feeding our children and putting gas in the car to get to our job. 

Sharon speakingThe House passed new tax legislation in 2010 to be competitive to attract companies and assist those already here to expand.  Again, this means high paying jobs for West Virginians.  With the downturn of the economy, this means very little in 2010 unless the stimulus package puts people to work with infrastructure jobs thus attracting new businesses.

• Sharon believes that our seniors are our most valuable resource.  We can learn much from our seniors.  As a member of the Select member on Senior Issues, Sharon is investigating how we can provide help and support for seniors in their homes.  She supports respite care, meals on wheels, transportations services for dialysis and other medical services.  Sharon wants to provide them the quality of life they deserve.  Through hard work, the House will continue developing new programs for access to services. 

• Sharon strongly believes in 2nd Amendment and the protection of the right to keep and bear arms. Private gun ownership is not only a strong deterrent to crime, but it is also a crucial part of our rich Appalachian sportsman’s tradition and must be preserved. Sharon is also an extra class amateur operator and a major in the Civil Air Patrol. 

Sharon's daughter Elizabeth and youngest grandaughter Aubrey• Sharon worked as Chair of Pensions on Municipal Pensions to maintain public pension solvency.  In the previous session, the House found a way to not raise taxes and support the LOSAP Program.  It is up to the Senate to do the right thing.

• Sharon is the proud mother of eight children and eight grandchildren.  She attends the Bible Center Church in Charleston where she volunteers in the nursery. 

Sharon with granddaughter Madison• Sharon invites your input through this website, mail or by phone.  Legislation comes from good ideas from the public.  Don’t be afraid to call or email.  It is also critical that you participate in the process.  Sharon’s cell phone is listed, (304) 552-8353, so you can call her and reach her at any time.

Don’t forget, it is the People’s House!







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